Ema Princi

Ema Princi

French student passionate about the desire to learn about different marketing-related skills.

Brief presentation of myself

Hello, my name is Ema Princi. I study several business subjects at the European Business School which is part of the INSEEC group in the 15th district of Paris. My favorite aspect in business is the one of marketing because I think that it is very interesting to study people's behaviors and to establish a strategy in order to fulfill their needs. In a second part, I am a very extroverted person and I like to meet different type of people everyday. On the contrary, in a professional context, I enjoy working by myself because I am very detail-oriented. I believe that this quality should be exploited by yourself. Finally, I am very resourceful because I love to elaborate strategies and solutions based on any problems I encounter. My passion is curiosity. I liked to be interested about a lots of things. Finally, my current mindset consist of believing that being curious about various topics is the key of finding out what you are made for in life.

My interests

My trip to San Francisco

I am currently in San Francisco for a month in order to follow a program that will teach me the different digital aspects of business. My main goal is not only to learn new things about digital professions but mainly to build a network of interesting and innovative individuals. Through this tool, it will be easier for me to find internships in order to enrich my knowledge.

Inseec classes

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Personal interests

I like to do community service. I did 2 missions of 2 weeks in the Galápagos Islands and one in Costa Rica where i got the opportunity to rebuild houses for locals. In addition, I practiced horseback riding for 12 years and I participated to several national competitions. I have the chance to travel a lot with my parents and it is teaching me a lot of fundamental values that I can apply in my daily activities.

Ema Ema Ema Ema
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